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Meribel chalet rental

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Meribel chalet rental

If you are looking to rent a luxury chalet in Meribel, a French renowned resort ski located at the heart of the French Alps, then Sotheby’s Méribel can help you find the chalet of your dreams. Sotheby’s Meribel offers you a wide range of properties, modern or more authentic styled, and will help you find your dreamed house.

Sotheby’s Meribel has been one of the finest professional in luxury real estate since 1744, making the dream of numerous people come true. Find you dream luxury chalet for your holidays or for a trip and benefit from the beautiful and snowy landscapes that the French mountains have to offer you.

Meribel chalet rental : Several activities in Meribel ski resort

Located at the bottom of ski slopes and near the ski resort, our chalets to rent in Meribel are a good occasion to discover new activities. Skiing seems a pretty obvious activity to practice, but did you know that there is much more to discover?

Feeling adventurous? If you are down for some snowshoeing, you could hire a guide to lead you through the mountain and the forest to find immaculate landscapes, and if you are lucky, you could also observe savage animals.

Wishing for a cozier stay? If you’re in France, we recommend you to try delicious seasonal dishes! Give a try to cheese fondue, accompanied with red or white wine; you can enjoy these in the many renowned restaurants around the resort.

A luxurious quality of service

Sotheby’s Meribel, your expert in real estate in Meribel, will help you find what suits you best in terms of accommodation. By giving you access to a wide range of properties in the French Alps, you might find that choosing one specific properties might be a tough choice. Though, thanks to our experience in luxury real estate, we can offer you exclusive services such as managing your luxury properties and an excellent concierge service ; and of course, all included in our chalet rental in Meribel.

By offering you the best real estate opportunities and allowing you an access to the most elegant properties available on the market, we hope to fulfill your needs and that you will have a pleasant stay in one of our chalets available for rent in Meribel.


Too busy to book your trip? Trust us!

If it turns out you are too busy to take a long look at our range of properties, Meribel 3 Vallees Sotheby’s International Realty can make a selection of the best luxury chalets to rent in Meribel. To guide you to find your dreamed chalet, the only thing you have to do is to fill this contact form, as detailed as possible, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will also give you precious advice to help you find the chalet that suits you best. Renting a chalet in Meribel has never been so simple.

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